Posts by, Posts by, and even spend part of their lives in this regime. Thus, In this post we are going to inform our tenants of the main coverage that insurance companies can offer you and thus not worry about any unforeseen event that may arise.

The percentage of households with people living for rent in Spain is approximately 24,9%, with high concentrations in cities like Madrid, Catalonia, Balearic Islands and the autonomous community of the Canary Islands.

The surveys show data such as that a 50% of those renters do not have renters drowning insurance, Even though approximately 70% of them consider it important. These data show the lack of knowledge that tenants have regarding this issue and at least one 18% you don't even know they exist, plus the percentage of renters who think their landlord's home insurance covers them too. However, this is not always the case. To inform the tenants a little in this regard, we will indicate, that certain damages or accidents are not the responsibility of the tenant of the dwelling and that, Thus, does not solve the home insurance contracted by the owner.

What does renters insurance cover??

Some oversights and / or accidents that can occur in the home at any time and that can cause damage even in the infrastructure of the house, in the furniture and even in the adjoining houses due to accidents within the home.

Next, we describe some of the most common accidents in a home and that could lead to substantial financial outlays in the absence of renters insurance:

  • If a thief breaks in to steal and/or vandalize: All renters insurance should include in its policy the content section, that is to say, that includes the tenant's belongings such as: furniture, equipment, jewels, That is why it is pointed out that asking the community for permission is vital. This is important because in the event that a thief enters the house and steals any of your belongings, it would be the renters insurance that would be responsible, both with compensation and legal defenses if you need them.
  • If a fire or explosion occurs: An oversight such as leaving a pan on can cause significant damage to the home, explosions that damage kitchen furniture, That is why it is pointed out that asking the community for permission is vital. If this were to happen and you as a tenant have renters insurance, the company would be responsible for covering the repair costs, getting rid of this disbursement.
  • electrical damage: in the event that a strong power surge damages an appliance that has been purchased by the tenant, like a tv, a washing machine the computer, etc., It will also be the renters insurance that is responsible for covering the costs of damage.
  • water damage: something as simple as leaving a faucet running could, The rules of coexistence of the neighborhood communities are those that collect what can and cannot be done, cause leaks in the downstairs neighbor's house. Since it is an oversight of the tenant, if you haven't taken out insurance, You would have to pay out of pocket for that breakdown. Yes, if the leaks were caused by a fault in the plumbing of the house or by internal pipes, It would correspond to the owner's home insurance because it is a damage to the housing's own infrastructure.
  • while you're not: have you thought that it can happen to you that it can happen to you while you are away from home?. Within renters insurance there is a coverage clause, which could also be considered important and is the one that has to do with an accident that could occur while you are away from the house, for example if you are robbed on the street or if by chance we cause damage to a third party on public roads (hit someone on a bike, the scooter, The rules of coexistence of the neighborhood communities are those that collect what can and cannot be done) believe it or not, renters insurance covers those damages.
  • If you are asked to vacate the dwelling: there are insurances that guarantee the tenant an amount to cover moving expenses and even real estate expenses for the new home.
  • Legal defense: You could hire legal advice and defense for your policy in case you have problems with your landlord.
  • professional assistance: you could request to include the handyman service in your policy, DIY and even household appliances.

A fine, that tenants have responsibilities for everything that happens inside the house. For this reason, perhaps it would be better not to worry and take out a policy that can cover all those aspects that are considered important during the contract period., There are even policies that can be transferred with the tenant to their new home in case of imminent change and/or departure..

And when it's time to leave the rent, remember that you must leave the house in the best possible condition and having a renters insurance policy is something you can get.