The deposit is a security deposit that is granted to the landlord as a guarantee of payment of the rental fees., repairs and cleaning of the premises or home when you leave the property.

The purpose of establishing a bond in the rental agreement is primarily to ensure that the tenant complies with what is stipulated in the rental agreement..

One of the main concerns of the tenants when leaving the house is if they are going to return the money that they gave as a deposit at the time. Later we will inform you in this regard.

What determines the rental bond?

This is the guarantee that the landlord has against damage to the home during the time that the tenant remains in it or to deal with a non-payment of rent.

It is an effective way to protect yourself from the tenant while and after your stay in the home ends.

It is decisive for its return that when the house is returned, the state in which it is found is optimal..

One month is enough to check the condition of the home and includes:

  • physical state of the same. Property damage. Deteriorated or non-existent furniture, That is why it is pointed out that asking the community for permission is vital.
  • receipts due.
  • Supply receipts up to date with payment.
  • Any other breach agreed in the rental contract.

What is the deadline to return the rental deposit??

Doubt is in the air and the Urban Leasing Law (LAU) does not make it very clear how much time the landlord has to return it.

This topic causes the tenant to ask questions such as: Do you know if it is illegal not to make a return of the rental deposit? Is the landlord obliged to return the deposit? When should this return be made? and how can you demand that they return it to you?

We must indicate that the Law does not oblige the landlord to return the amount of the rental deposit and despite, since it is one of the causes of greatest concern for tenants.

In none of the points specified by the Law, the return of the rental deposit is established, but if indirect reference is made regarding the period of time that the lessor has to return it. Therefore, If it marks a deadline for the return, it is implicitly understood that the return must be made.

Thus, if doubts arise about whether to proceed legally before the non-return, or if there are legal sanctions for the lessor, a lawyer should be used to take the appropriate measures and guide the tenant in what to do. At this point we remind the tenants, whether or not it is worth paying a lawyer's fees since the amounts are usually a percentage of the amount to be claimed.

What does the law specify?

According to the article 36.4 of the Urban Leasing Law, although an exact term for the return of the rental deposit is not determined, it is clarified that it must be re-established for the tenant once the contract has ended and that it must not be for more than a month.

In this same section of the Urban Leasing Law, It should be noted that the amount will accrue interest from the moment the keys are handed over., This is in the event that the return is not made effective before this established period., that is to say, one my.

In conclusion: When you rent a home, try to fully comply with everything agreed in the contract and take care of the property and its belongings as if they were yours., in this way you will avoid losing the amount of the deposit.

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