What do we do

What do we do

NOVE Administrations proposes a comprehensive administration of Communities of Owners, Housing Cooperatives, that undoubtedly covers all the extremes that a Community of owners needs, without a higher cost for the members of the same.

We manage and administer real estate of all kinds. Households, Offices, locales, vacation rental.

Our way of working on technical management of communities, prioritizing preventive maintenance, the development of specific plans to achieve real savings in the fixed costs of the community and transparency of management are the pillars of our business philosophy. An important part of management is the monthly visit to the communities. Being able to observe possible incidents before they occur.

Adapting all our current actions to the established control criteria of the Covid-19. With the maximum security measures.

All our services

The owners may have direct access by username and password to :

  • Neighborhood meetings: Meetings and calls at a click.
  • Quote: Budgets for repairs made or to be put together.
  • Banking transactions: All movements of your community account
  • Accounting Balance.: You can view the balance sheet of your community comfortably.
  • Pending receipts: Pending receipts in an easy to understand way.
  • Remittances: Community remittance remittances
  • Home Receipts.: You can manage the credit or direct debit receipts without leaving home.
  • Breakdown Status: Many times we do not know the status of the faults that are being repaired in the building. When you finish, forecast… This is already over. See how the repairs are going.
  • Bulletin board: Where you can find out about the news of your community. Disclosure releases, incident photos.

Preparation of community accounting. Made through accounting software of recognized reliability. You can see or request, beads, analysis, balances, receipts, dues. Both in digital and physical files.

  • Preparation of annual expense budget
  • Assistance and advice to the Presidency for calling the Boards
  • Attendance at the Meetings, and supervision
  • Account management advice
  • Specific legal advice on the mandatory application of the Horizontal Property Law.
  • Management and legal assistance in the collection of arrears of community fees in accordance with the Horizontal Property Law.

Legal advice included in the community fee. Law firms of recognized prestige manage the lawsuits, claims, claims to defaulters, arbitration….. that the community can suffer with diligence and good results.

We technically analyze your insurance policy, finding the one that best suits the needs and requirements of the community.. With a minimum of three budgets that are comparatively significant to the needs of the community, adjusting deadlines, amount and coverage.

We make monthly visits to the community. With part of visits exposed on the bulletin board. We review, stairs, lights, Access, lift, cleaning, incidents.

We can prevent breakdowns that could become important if they are attended to on time. We have more direct contact with the owners and we really see how the community is doing.

We take photos of incidents also communicating them on the bulletin board of your Community.

In our savings plan integrated in the management of the community in an efficient way, saving fixed and eventual statements, We also include direct discounts to owners for the use of the services of two other group companies.

Immobiliary miropiso: Discounts of up to 40% in drafting rental contracts, Purchase option, arras. Home sales commissions. Free advice in your purchase and sale management of your property. Preferred list in rental housing, opportunity sale of homes, vacation rental.

Architecture: Discounts on Energy Efficiency Certificates, Projects, Visas, Licenses. We can do, from a certificate to your single-family home or residential building.