BLOCKING. It is the new name given to Neighborhood Harassment. let's talk about it.

BLOCKING is a term that comes from the English block, What does "block" mean?, referred to undermining credibility, denigrate, aggravate and focus problems or conflicts towards a certain person, making them feel psychologically abused. It is a relatively new word and is used to refer to harassment within a community of neighbors..

when that abuse, takes place where a person lives and can be anyone, either within a community of owners or tenants, in the building, In the House, It is about neighborhood harassment or blocking. The agents causing this damage are the neighbors themselves, that is to say, those who live around, they can be your children, his family, Your clients, friends, acquaintances, etc., with this they manage to subtract a lot of credibility from the harassed, damage your confidence, your reputation, they denigrate him and even make him feel guilty about almost everything that happens around him.

As usual, the person responsible for neighborhood harassment usually projects his personal problems onto the victim he has chosen and justifies his conduct by the victim's behavior. All this due to frequent conflicts in the community, so he decides to take justice "into his own hands" and harass the neighbor instead of using the conventional methods of mediation or judicial resolution to solve them.

Another aspect to take into account is the fact that stalkers are not only trying to destroy self-esteem, morals and feelings of the victim, they also try to make the victim live in constant fear within their own home, and for this reason they also attack everything that is their property: coach, moto, mailbox, doors, That is why it is pointed out that asking the community for permission is vital.

People who suffer blocking for a considerable period of time can develop psychological consequences similar to those suffered by victims of abuse: constant fear, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, despair and sleep disturbances.

Blocking or neighborhood harassment is a crime that is registered in the article 172 of the penal code and since the year 2015 It is a criminal offense, that is to say, in a crime that is applied penalty or sanction.

This article refers to constraints. As a general rule, This crime against the freedom of the people is punished with a prison sentence of 6 months to 3 years or with a fine of 12 a 24 months, depending on the severity of the coercion or the means used.

If the crime is against a person who is especially vulnerable due to their age, illness, disability, condition the situation, prison sentence would be charged.

What are the courses of action in a situation of neighborhood harassment??

The first thing to do in case of being a victim of neighborhood harassment is to save and collect all the evidence that can prove the facts, recordings, posts, mails, calls, medical parts, psychological parts, etc., then proceed to report the matter.

You must also register it in the IAE of the city council of your locality, the president and the administrator of the community must convene a meeting to denounce the blocking and even make a formal complaint to the harasser from the neighborhood community.

What if the harasser is the president of the community? In this case, the owners can convene a meeting with the administrator in which the board itself makes the decision to dismiss him or initiate legal proceedings for which this must be recorded in a minute.

Among other things, it is very important that you lose your fear and proceed to file the respective complaint., taking into account that the tests have a very important load, Besides, It is essential to have at least one witness who has witnessed the events and who can confirm the truth of the facts so that the case prospers and ends all the negative consequences that all this can cause..

A judicial resolution in favor of the victim of blocking can have several consequences, how can they be:  restraining order for the person responsible, compensation for physical damage, psychological and material damage caused to the victim and public verification of the situation that has occurred. If the evidence confirms it, it is likely that the situation of neighborhood harassment will not occur again in the community.

In conclusion, Neighborhood harassment is a very serious problem that is becoming more and more widespread and should not be taken lightly. Heblockingrepeated and premeditated has no place in a community of neighbors, so evitémoslo.